How can we fix the trash problem in Campus East?

1)  We all must follow the city guidelines for trash pickup. A very high portion of the trash that is not being picked up because it is against the rules of city trash pickup. Examples of trash that will not be picked up from the side of the road (including bulk pickup): Cardboard boxes, any furniture with glass, leaves or yard waste that is not in clear bags, or anything that is leaning against a light pole. Bulk pickup can be requested online. The link will be available on the front page of the new Campus East website which is also mobile friendly.

2)  As a community, we must try to identify and report the people dumping illegally.  If you have an exterior camera or doorbell camera that is pointed near any of the multiple illegal dump spots in Campus East, you can help fix the issue. If your camera picks up the vehicle and its license plate that is dumping, please call the police non-emergency number and let them know you have evidence of an illegal trash dump.