All members of the Board and Committee volunteer their time to fulfill their positions. Members of the Board of Directors or any Committee do not get paid. If you have the time and wish to volunteer please call the Office. These are the representatives that help to make our Community a great place to live.

Board of Directors

One meeting a month.
9 Board Members

The Board of Directors is the Governing Body of the Association. They are the ones responsible for ensuring that an Operating Budget is created each year, they make decisions on how the Association is operated, and how the money from Homeowners is collected and spent. They are also there to listen to Homeowners and consider input provided. The BOD (Board of Directors) is the last word on all legal actions brought about by the Association.

Pool Committee

Dates Vary – Not to Exceed five meetings/year.
1 Chairman, Members Max 9

Meets to discuss pool operation, pool contracts and plans Swimming Pool Parties and other events involving Swimming Pool. Makes recommendations to the Board of Directors.

Architectural Control Committee (ACC)

Once/mo. Jul-Mar, Twice/mo. during Apr-Jun
3 Permanent Positions and 2 Alternate Positions

The duties of the ACC are to consider and act upon applications for alterations submitted to it, to adopt and uphold ACC Rules, and to perform other duties imposed upon it by the Campus East Community Association Board of Directors. The committee shall keep and maintain a written record of all actions taken. For additional information about the ACC, refer to the CECA Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions.

Landscape Committee

Dates Vary – Not to Exceed five meetings/year.
1 Chairman, Members Max 9

Meets to discuss landscaping issues for the common areas. These include the playground, Tennis Courts, and landscaping throughout the community in the common areas. Reviews the landscaping contracts. Makes recommendations to the Board of Directors in these areas.