The office does not have any hand in the rental process. Some owners may choose to advertise their rentals on the Campus East web site. To view those units, go to the “Rental Info” tab on the Campus East homepage. This is all of the information the Association has about rentals in the community.

All streets in Campus East are city owned streets. The Association is not responsible for the cleaning of any trash in the community outside of the common areas. (Pool, playground, etc…) To get trash areas picked up, contact the appropriate company/department. If it is bulk pickup, you may submit the pickup online. There is a link on the Campus East homepage for your convenience. If you know who is dumping illegally onto your property, feel free to contact the office and consult the Association manager on handling the situation.

All owners in Campus East are responsible for maintaining the easement behind their unit. This includes trash, weeds, mowing, etc… According to the city of Virginia Beach, the Campus East declaration, and rules and regulations, each owner is responsible for half of the space between their house and the neighboring fence to the back. There is one easement in Campus East that is city owned. Those owners are still responsible for the area directly behind their fence.

If the fence was damaged due to negligence or an accident, the person who caused the damage is responsible. If the fence is damaged due to normal wear and tear, the responsible party is identified by the fence’s location. The unit owner is responsible for the fence on the back of the unit. For the fences in between units, the owners share responsibility for the repair. Consult the Campus East Rules and Regulations for more details.

Any owner or resident of Campus East is eligible to use pool. The pool pass application is available on the bulletin board page. Please read the application instructions carefully before submitting.

The playground hours can vary in Campus East. This is because the majority of responsibility in regard to opening and closing the playground relies on volunteers. The playground will normally be open during office hours. If the Association does not have an approved volunteer that is available to open/close the playground outside of those hours, it may not be opened. The playground will also remain closed during inclement weather for safety.

There are a numer of ways to make payments on your association fees:
1. You may pay online at www.gozego.com.
2. You may fill out an ACH form so the fees will be automatically deducted from your account.
3. You may drop off a check to the UPA Office at 301 Bendix Rd in Town Center, there is a drop box outside.
4. You can mail in a check to:
United Property Associates
PO Box 844565
Boston, MA 02284

Parking can become complicated in Campus East. If someone is illegally parking, your best option is to report it to the police non-emergency number (757) 385-5000. Although Campus East has rules and regulations about parking, the police have the ultimate authority with regard to parking on the street. Examples of times to call the non-emergency number include: parking incorrectly in a cul de sac (center or perpendicular), parking in a way that blocks another person’s driveway, or abandoning a vehicle specifically with expired tags.

Presently no. The clubhouse is the current location of the Campus East office and therefore can not be rented out for private use. This is a question the Board of Directors does hope to revisit in the future.

First and foremost, double check the rules and regulations (see below). You should have a received a copy in your resale disclosure documents. It is also available any time on the Campus East website on the documents page. If the document itself does not answer the question in a way you are comfortable, contact the office for more information.

Community Rulebook


Declarations, Covenant, Conditions and Restrictions