Doors can be Inviting..but they can also be Uninviting. Some examples of an unacceptable door within the Association include but are not limited to the following: a Dull Weathed Door that has kick marks on the bottom, flaking and/or peeling paint, a Broken Storm Door Handle or a Storm Door with a Ripped Screen.

There are many Front and Rear Door options to choose from when thinking of replacing yours, make sure to submit an ACC Modification along with a picture of the door you want to install.
Decorative Rod Iron Security Doors are a great way to add another element of security to your home and at the same time enhance the Decor of your Home. As with All Exterior changes and or Modifications, an ACC Modification Form needs to be Submitted along with a Photo of the Storm Door to be Approved and/or Disapproved.
Screened and Glass Storm Doors can assist in keeping the cold out along with allowing a nice breeze to blow through in the Spring and Summer Months. When thinking of installing and/or replacing, please keep in mind the colors to existing Door, Shutters, and Trim Colors of the Home, and as with All Exterior Changes, an ACC Modification Form will need to be Submitted and Approved BEFORE Installing.


Within the Campus East Community, there are many Original Paint Colors to choose from. The Builder of Campus East, R.G Moore used the Paint Company, Benjamin Moore Paints.

But over time many of the Original Colors have been discontinued and or had a name change. On the PAINT COLOR page you will find all the Original Colors from Benjamin Moore, you will also find Paint Colors from BEHR and SHERWIN WILLIAMS to choose from.

So even if you’re just repainting your Front Door with the Color it is now, it would benefit you to check and see if that is an Original or it has been changed over time, if so check to see if an ACC MOD has been submitted.