Your Roof does more than just protect you and your family from the elements but it protects everything under it as well; items such as electronics, furniture, flooring, and the overall building structure that holds it all together. The roof is one of the first things anyone sees when approching your home, so keeping it looking good and ready to protect all that is valuable to you should be a homeowner’s top priority.

These are the 4 Basic Roof Shingle Colors used within Campus East Community Association.

Roof Maintenance

There are many types of DoItYourself Roof Shingle cleaning products on the market, along with Professional Cleaning Companies that can help homeowners keep their roofs looking new.

Never use HIGH PRESSURE Power Washers when Cleaning Roof Shingles; a Power Washer can be used, but it needs to have controllable pressure settings.

Algae, Moss and Lichen will these shorten the life of your Roof Shingles , but if left unchecked it can work their way into your home.

deteriorated roof shingles
excessive patching
missing roof shingles