Fence Stain

Maintaining the Stain on Your Fence

Typically the color will start to fade in about five years.

The time it takes to stain a fence will be well worth the savings you realize. It offers protection for the wood and this means that you will only have to re-stain as part of regular maintenance rather than have to replace the whole fence. When you stain the fence for the first time it will take longer because the stain soaks into the wood. You may have to give it several coats, but when you redo it later it won’t take as long

  • Stain performs a dual purpose – it provides both sealing and waterproofing.
  • It prevents the wood from becoming susceptible to mold
  • It keeps the UV rays of the sun from damaging the wood
  • Wood that is grey and weathered gains a whole new look
  • It prolongs the life of the wood
  • It adds to the ambiance and the resale value of the property

ATTENTION: As with all digital device screens each may not be exact, before purchasing stain please bring a sample to the office to match up with the samples on display.