Inspector’s Corner

Several resources are available for homeowners to use to gain access to valuable and helpful information. Some examples are Google, Bing, and MSN along with sites such as YouTube, HGTV, Home Depot, and Lowes. Not only will these specific sites and search engines allow homeowners to learn how to do certain things to his or her home but also provide them with knowledge in case a professional is hired and they want to make sure the work is being done correctly.

Why an HOA?

Homeowner Associations were developed to give Property Owners the ability to govern themselves and not deal with City, State nor Local as much. Within the Homeowners Association, each Property Owner has the choice and responsibility to become involved in their Association and Community, some choose to do so but sadly most do not. All Rules, Regulations, and Association Declarations are made by the Property Owners and therefore should be abided by each. It is the Property Owner’s responsibility to correct the violation whether or not the Inspector or another Property Owner brings it to the attention of the Association. There are violations that may be missed during an inspection and may go unseen, but that does not make it correct, it just means the Property Owner is not following their own rules and regulations that was originally created by the homeowners. Whether you are the first, second, or third owner of the Property, when you purchase the property and sign the Deed and Contract, you are also agreeing to abide by all of the CECA Rules, Regulations and Declaration.

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